What is SEO? What is it for in Marketing?


What is SEO?

For those who are new to digital marketing, the number of terms and nomenclatures that are used for actions, tools and even professions seems like something out of this world and sometimes it even gives the impression of being something very complex, when in fact it is very simple.

This is the case of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which is nothing more than the optimization of internet pages in search results.

In short, you want to rank on the first page of Google for as many keywords as possible.

What are keywords?

These are words and phrases written in the Google search field. Every page has a main keyword and this must appear in the URL, H1 and throughout the content of the page or article.

Keywords should always be studied in terms of search volume, positioning difficulty, clicks and impressions. This study can be done with the help of Google itself with its tools such as Keyword Planner where you can see the most searched words and terms.

What is it for?

For example: Let’s say you’re a dentist and you want to be the first dentist people find on Google without having to pay Google to do it. This is where SEO comes in where certain actions you take will impact your site’s position in searches. Some of these actions involve having as many links (backlinks) pointed with keywords to your page, site, or site articles.

This action is called link building and it must be done correctly so that your site is not penalized in searches.

But it’s not enough to have links pointing to your site and go around sharing thinking that everything will be fine. Link building is part of the manual work and these links cannot be from “bad” sites, they must be of quality and must also have relevance to your niche.

Trying to rank the wrong way can damage your site forever. Techniques like Black Hat SEO these days don’t work anymore.

Google lives on ads, so to rank or be on the first page you must work hard to build quality articles and pages depending on the term (keyword) you want.

In the example of the dentist, let’s say that the objective would be to rank for “best dentist in city X” and for that we created an article on our website showing which are the best dentists in the city. Depending on the city, if there is no competition in the searches for that term, the article created can be in first place in the searches, generating a good promotion without the need to pay for ads on Google.

On the other hand, if we are in a competitive niche such as slimming, beauty or something else in general, the SEO work would be greater and far beyond just creating links.

Part of the job is also making sure your site complies with Google’s guidelines and rules like having a fast site so it doesn’t hurt the user experience. Having low quality content can affect search rankings.

How do I do SEO?

The first thing to keep in mind is that SEO doesn’t require a lot of technical skills, but it’s a lot of work for anyone who wants to be number one in searches.

To do SEO you must have at least a knowledge of how to develop websites and use tools like WordPress. Before doing SEO it is important to read Google’s guidelines and rules and know what is taken seriously when it comes to quality for Google.

To learn more about the guidelines you can access: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Starter Guide.

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